There are a lot of changes that are taking place these days. Recently a lot of changes have taken place in the working of the federal government that makes it very difficult to sponsor families. This will be keeping Canadian immigrant families apart. So, if you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, you will have to contact spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto, rules might get very difficult for you. There are few changes in the proposal with respect to the sponsorships of dependent children, parents, and grandparents.

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This rule has become effective from January in 2014, those applications that already have been submitted won’t be affected. All these rules have been taking place to enhance the financial threshold and there has been an increase in the period to demonstrate the income requirement. The well-to-do Canadian families sometimes reunite with the parents and grandparents.

  • According to the recent rules, the sponsorship undertaking period has been extended from ten years to twenty years. The changes have been increased that means only the most well-to-do families will be able to afford the meeting. Also, there are many terms and conditions to it like, one must be able to pay one year’s medical insurance that costs more than $5000. This indeed has become quite stressful for family reunions. Pre-purchase of medical insurance has made everything very expensive.

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  • There is a super Visa initiative that will stay as it is by the federal government, that allows a visitor to stay in Canada for two years. The detailed information on this scheme can be obtained from spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto.
  • Also, in the recent news, we have come to know that the government has proposed a limit to the number of new applicants and the admission numbers. This has affected a lot of immigrates, as stated by experts.  Not only they also the women and Racialized Canadians will be affected, as they are the ones living in poverty most of the times.

  • As stated by the Canadian government there have been recent changes in the age criteria that can separate parents from their children. Earlier the maximum age of the dependent child was 21 years now it has been changed to 18 years of age, except for those who are full-time students. Those who had earlier planned to include their children in the application. If you want your children to accompany you and they are over 18, they have to file the application individually and that has to be independent of the parent. But according to the census, it has been seen that the Canadian children who are above 18 still lived with their parents and are the part of the family.
  • Also, in the coming time, there will be more changes and there is a high possibility that Canadian children who are born abroad will be denied reuniting with their families in case you are an immigrant. Experts say that children may face a high risk of abuse and exploitation as they won’t be allowed to meet their parents. You can always take help of spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto, as they will be helping you in knowing all the rules and regulations.