Many immigrants choose to migrate to Canada because of the great job opportunities that the country offers. Every year thousands of individuals come to the country with work permits. Work permits can be of temporary as well as permanent nature. The employment lawyer are the best people who can help the immigrants.

Temporary Work Visa

Obtaining a temporary Canadian work visa is very necessary and can be obtained in four easy steps. The employer applies for labor market opinion, the employer extends temporary job offers to workers from foreign countries, a foreign skilled worker applies for work permit and a work permit is issued.

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Labor Market Impact Assessment

Before an individual can apply for a temporary Canadian Work Visa, he needs to qualify a Labor Market Impact Assessment. There a difference between low-wage LMIA and high-wage LMIA. Positive LMIAs for low-wage jobs allow the employers to hire a foreign worker for only one year at a time. Organizations which have employee strength of more than 10 employees, foreign workers with low wages can make up only ten percent of the workforce. If the employers do not follow the new rule they will be subjected to transitional measures. The companies which work in the food service and accommodation sector will not be allowed to apply for LMIAs for work. In case of high-wage LMIA applications, the companies should qualify a higher application fee, have longer application forms and maintain a record of their recruitment practices. For obtaining LMIA you can avail the services of an employment lawyer.


Employer Extends Temporary Job Offer

The employer has to send a copy of the positive LMIA and a job offer letter to the foreign worker. The job offer letter must include job title for the position, job description, requirement for the temporary position, information about the starting and ending dates, details about the salary and details of the employer. An employment lawyer also helps you to extend the work permit and provides legal advice.

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Foreign Worker Applying For Work Permit

If you have your LMIA and a Job Offer Letter, you can apply for a temporary work permit in Canada. In some cases, you need to attend an interview with the visa officer, while applying for a temporary work permit.


Getting the Temporary Work Permit

An officer of Canada Border Services Agency will issue the temporary work permit for you when you arrive in Canada. In some cases, temporary resident visa needs to be obtained by a foreign worker, depending on the country he is from and his citizenship. An employment lawyer will be able to help you in obtaining a temporary work permit.


North American Free Trade Agreement

Canada along with many other countries has signed the international agreement which states that intra-corporate transferees or people belonging to the managerial or executive class can enter the country. Business visitors, professionals and investors can come to Canada without the Employment and Social Development Canada validation under NAFTA.

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International Experience Class

Since Canada has a good relationship with many countries, a student or young worker or professional can stay in Canada for three years and obtain the Canadian experience.

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If you want to obtain a work visa to Canada, the person you should contact is an employment lawyer. Read more news on employment law changes in Canada here!