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Immigration Lawyer Toronto Discusses Immigration Obstacles

Every year, Canada sees a huge influx of immigrants. The main reason for immigrating to Canada is because of numerous opportunities like growth opportunities, better living condition, and so on.

However, the process of immigrating to Canada is not as smooth as one may think of. Every year thousands of applications either get rejected. It mainly occurs due to the fact that the applications were not correctly filled or it was not supported with enough documents.

In order to ensure that an immigration application is not rejected, it is crucial to take the help of an expert immigration lawyer Toronto. Although, IRCC states that there is no need of consulting an immigration attorney for filling an immigration form. But if one wants to reduce their chance of application rejection, taking the guidance of an immigration lawyer is helpful.

immigration lawyer Toronto

Why Immigration Lawyers?

Due to the huge influx of the immigrants, the Canadian government constantly changes the immigration laws. For a commoner, it might not be always possible to remain updated about it. However, an immigration lawyer, keep themselves about the changing immigration laws and procedures. Thereby, they can easily help their clients by educating them with the changed laws while filling the immigration application.

Thus, when an immigration application is free from any errors and supported by proper documents, the immigration application gets accepted by the concerned immigration office. Thereby, the lawyers can help immigrants to smoothly settle in a new country.

Other Way in Which a lawyer Helps

Many immigrants, who plan to immigrate to Canada, often get surprised when they are not allowed to enter Canada on some grounds. An immigration lawyer Toronto can discuss with clients about some of the most common obstacles that might be faced by the immigrants.toronto immigration

Criminal Inadmissibility

One common obstacle when an immigrant might be denied entry is on the grounds of a criminal record. If a person has a criminal record, Canadian immigration attorney can refuse an application or refuse the entry.

Basically, an immigration lawyer Toronto can help immigrants to understand the situations when they might be considered to be clinically inadmissible. They are:

  • Criminal record of reckless driving.
  • DUI Record
  • Drug Offenses
  • Case of Assault
  • Fraud Case

Claim for Refugee Status

Another important problem that is faced by the immigrants in Canada is the claim for the refugee status. The IRCC office hesitates to provide an immigration status. Immigration lawyers can help clients need to prove that their client is facing a lot of hardship in their home country. By getting the refugee status in the new country, the client can easily make ends meet. So if the client is not able to get their refugee status, the client would need to appeal against the order in the court and get their status.


Many immigrants after settling in Canada may fail to gain permanent residency. This kind of obstacle can be easily overcome with the help of an immigration lawyer.

Immigration to Canada is a complicated process. If any immigrants are facing any kind of these problems, it would be best to take the help of an immigration lawyer Toronto immediately. After that immigrants can enjoy their stay in Canada. Looking to be an immigration lawyer? Read this job description of immigration lawyer here.

Benefits of Toronto DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged of a DUI offense in Toronto or in any part of Canada, it can be a frightening experience. This is because being charged with a DUI offense comes with serious penalties like heavy fine, jail term, and even suspension of driver’s license.  In fact, a DUI charge can even affect the future of a person. Hence, the best way out is to work with an experienced Toronto DUI lawyer.

Although a person has the constitutional right to opt for self-representation, it is not advisable. Especially, when you don’t have any idea about the legal proceedings, it is better to get professional help. Basically, the main aim of any professional DUI lawyer is to provide a strong legal representation for the client and build a string defense for the client. In fact, they will try to prove in court that their client is innocent of the offenses with which they have been charged.

Toronto DUI lawyer

Check out the Benefits

So when you are charged with a DUI case, choosing an expert DUI lawyer can prove to be very advantageous. Take a look at the benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer. An experienced lawyer will ensure that his client wins the case.

Legal Expertise

An experienced DUI lawyer is familiar with the DUI laws. Hence, they will be able to frame a case based on the local laws. They can guide clients all throughout the legal proceedings.

Local Knowledge

Toronto DUI lawyer have a good knowledge about the local law. They have a good understanding with attorneys, enforcement officials, and court judges. Hence, they can easily work with them in rendering justice. For example, if the investigating officer has a history of misconduct, a DUI attorney can know about it and change the entire case.

Reach Deal Plea

One important quality of a DUI lawyer is to help clients reach a plea deal. They can negotiate with judge and prosecutor to reduce the fee or jail term of the victim of a DUI offense.

Researching the Case

A DUI lawyer can investigate and research a case on behalf of the client. They can do this in order to find any loopholes and thereby helping to drop the case entirely. In fact, a skilled DUI lawyer will treat each case diligently. They will devote all their time in investigating and come up with a strong defense.

Discuss Options

Any good Toronto DUI lawyer can tell clients about the local options available apart from going for trial or opting for a plea bargain. For example, the lawyer can arrange for a DUI diversion program. Entering the program can help clients to get their sentence reduced or even pardoned.

Revoke Driving License

A DUI offense can lead to the suspension of driver’s license. However, when a person hires a DUI attorney, it can help a person to get back their license.

Review Documents

The most important benefit of hiring a reputable Toronto DUI lawyer is that you will have a professional who will review all the documents based on the circumstances which lead to the arrest.

When charged with DUI, it can be very threatening for a person. Having right technical knowledge, a DUI lawyer can help clients to win a case.