The Immigration Programs and Sponsorship That Will Keep Families Apart in The Coming Times

There are a lot of changes that are taking place these days. Recently a lot of changes have taken place in the working of the federal government that makes it very difficult to sponsor families. This will be keeping Canadian immigrant families apart. So, if you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, you will have to contact spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto, rules might get very difficult for you. There are few changes in the proposal with respect to the sponsorships of dependent children, parents, and grandparents.

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This rule has become effective from January in 2014, those applications that already have been submitted won’t be affected. All these rules have been taking place to enhance the financial threshold and there has been an increase in the period to demonstrate the income requirement. The well-to-do Canadian families sometimes reunite with the parents and grandparents.

  • According to the recent rules, the sponsorship undertaking period has been extended from ten years to twenty years. The changes have been increased that means only the most well-to-do families will be able to afford the meeting. Also, there are many terms and conditions to it like, one must be able to pay one year’s medical insurance that costs more than $5000. This indeed has become quite stressful for family reunions. Pre-purchase of medical insurance has made everything very expensive.

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  • There is a super Visa initiative that will stay as it is by the federal government, that allows a visitor to stay in Canada for two years. The detailed information on this scheme can be obtained from spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto.
  • Also, in the recent news, we have come to know that the government has proposed a limit to the number of new applicants and the admission numbers. This has affected a lot of immigrates, as stated by experts.  Not only they also the women and Racialized Canadians will be affected, as they are the ones living in poverty most of the times.

  • As stated by the Canadian government there have been recent changes in the age criteria that can separate parents from their children. Earlier the maximum age of the dependent child was 21 years now it has been changed to 18 years of age, except for those who are full-time students. Those who had earlier planned to include their children in the application. If you want your children to accompany you and they are over 18, they have to file the application individually and that has to be independent of the parent. But according to the census, it has been seen that the Canadian children who are above 18 still lived with their parents and are the part of the family.
  • Also, in the coming time, there will be more changes and there is a high possibility that Canadian children who are born abroad will be denied reuniting with their families in case you are an immigrant. Experts say that children may face a high risk of abuse and exploitation as they won’t be allowed to meet their parents. You can always take help of spousal sponsorship lawyer Toronto, as they will be helping you in knowing all the rules and regulations.

Employment Lawyers can also Help You Foreign Nationals

Many immigrants choose to migrate to Canada because of the great job opportunities that the country offers. Every year thousands of individuals come to the country with work permits. Work permits can be of temporary as well as permanent nature. The employment lawyer are the best people who can help the immigrants.

Temporary Work Visa

Obtaining a temporary Canadian work visa is very necessary and can be obtained in four easy steps. The employer applies for labor market opinion, the employer extends temporary job offers to workers from foreign countries, a foreign skilled worker applies for work permit and a work permit is issued.

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Labor Market Impact Assessment

Before an individual can apply for a temporary Canadian Work Visa, he needs to qualify a Labor Market Impact Assessment. There a difference between low-wage LMIA and high-wage LMIA. Positive LMIAs for low-wage jobs allow the employers to hire a foreign worker for only one year at a time. Organizations which have employee strength of more than 10 employees, foreign workers with low wages can make up only ten percent of the workforce. If the employers do not follow the new rule they will be subjected to transitional measures. The companies which work in the food service and accommodation sector will not be allowed to apply for LMIAs for work. In case of high-wage LMIA applications, the companies should qualify a higher application fee, have longer application forms and maintain a record of their recruitment practices. For obtaining LMIA you can avail the services of an employment lawyer.


Employer Extends Temporary Job Offer

The employer has to send a copy of the positive LMIA and a job offer letter to the foreign worker. The job offer letter must include job title for the position, job description, requirement for the temporary position, information about the starting and ending dates, details about the salary and details of the employer. An employment lawyer also helps you to extend the work permit and provides legal advice.

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Foreign Worker Applying For Work Permit

If you have your LMIA and a Job Offer Letter, you can apply for a temporary work permit in Canada. In some cases, you need to attend an interview with the visa officer, while applying for a temporary work permit.


Getting the Temporary Work Permit

An officer of Canada Border Services Agency will issue the temporary work permit for you when you arrive in Canada. In some cases, temporary resident visa needs to be obtained by a foreign worker, depending on the country he is from and his citizenship. An employment lawyer will be able to help you in obtaining a temporary work permit.


North American Free Trade Agreement

Canada along with many other countries has signed the international agreement which states that intra-corporate transferees or people belonging to the managerial or executive class can enter the country. Business visitors, professionals and investors can come to Canada without the Employment and Social Development Canada validation under NAFTA.

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International Experience Class

Since Canada has a good relationship with many countries, a student or young worker or professional can stay in Canada for three years and obtain the Canadian experience.

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If you want to obtain a work visa to Canada, the person you should contact is an employment lawyer. Read more news on employment law changes in Canada here!

Only the Best Immigration Lawyers Get the Best Results

When you are planning to immigrate to any foreign country, you will need the services of an immigration attorney. Many people might think that there is no need to hire immigration attorney as the process is very easy. Well, your thinking is absolutely wrong. Applying for Canada immigration is not that easy. With thousands of immigrants, immigrating to Canada every year, the government along with IRCC is making the immigration policy even stricter. If you want your immigration application not get rejected, you can get in touch with the best immigration lawyers in Toronto.

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Hiring the Best Lawyer

When you have already thought of hiring an immigration lawyer, you should definitely hire the best one for the job. Doing that would increase the chance of success for the applicant. A best lawyer would ensure that their client’s visa application or permanent residency application doesn’t get rejected or denied.

The key is to hire an immigration attorney with lot of experience and knowledge. Rather the lawyer will remain updated with the latest changes brought to the immigration policies and make their clients acquainted with the whole matter.

In case, you are wondering how the best immigration lawyers in Toronto can help clients with their immigration process, you will need to go through rest of the blog.

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Knowledge of the Process

Immigration law is constantly changing. When one consults the best immigration attorney in town, one can remain assured of the fact that the attorney will guide clients through the entire process.

Knowledge of the Law

Basically, the immigration act is very vast. Hence, the attorney remains well-aware of the available options for immigration for clients. Depending on the need of client, he/she can provide suitable program. The attorney will help in filing the necessary forms and follow the required procedures.

Know the Case

Definitely, consulting the best attorney can provide great results. They would help clients to know where their case stands. In case of appeal, if they can make appeals against their order. Whether the visa application is in the processing stage or not?

Represent Clients

Only the best immigration lawyers in Toronto can represent clients in front of the Immigration Services and other departments in a careful manner. Proper representation of clients can also result a case becoming successful.

Prevent Mistakes

When filing for visa immigration application, clients can make grave mistakes. Any mistake in the form can greatly affect the processing time of the application. Thus, while consulting an immigration attorney, the latter will check all paper and forms are in correct order. It would facilitate the smooth processing of the application.

Avoid Delays

Delays from the end of the immigration office are very common. Only the best immigration lawyers in Toronto can avoid delays. They will see to it that their client fills the form correctly so that on next submission it gets approved.

If you want to achieve the best results for your immigration, get in touch with the best immigration lawyers in Toronto.  Being highly experienced, they will see to it that their client gets to see a high rate of success in their case.


Discussing Your Divorce: Avoiding Dangerous Advice

At some point of time in your life, there can be moments when you feel that you can’t stay any longer with your partner.  Even after trying hard the differences that have been created between you two won’t get sorted. In short, the gap can’t be bridged anymore. At this point of time, you might think of getting a divorce from your partner.

When you think of getting a divorce from your partner, you will come across many suggestion and choices. However, divorce lawyer in Oakville feels that the suggestions that you get from various friends and families can either influence you in a right or wrong way. The reason is simple. They can advice, provide reassurance, and support. However, they might not have exact knowledge about divorce law. Hence, they might not be able to help you arrive at right decision.

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Divorce: An Unfamiliar Territory

No one thinks of getting a divorce from their beloved person. Divorce can be very stressful. One best way to remain prepared for it is by talking to a family lawyer who is specialized in handling divorce. In short, it can be said that divorce lawyers can easily help a person to navigate through the complicated process of divorce.

Cliché Statements That One Gets To Hear During Divorce Process

According to some leading divorce lawyer in Oakville, the advice that one gets from their friends or family members during divorce process can be meant for their good, but it can prove to be very costly at times. Some example of dangerous advice has been sighted by some divorce attorneys are mentioned below. They are:

  • Try to stick to your marriage for the sake of children.
  • Think about the endless court battles and immense paperwork. Leave apart the cost.

These kinds of statement and advice that one gets to hear from friends and family members are very shameful and dehumanize a person. One should try to avoid these advices at all cost.

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Other Advices

Not only your friends or relatives, sometimes, you may get wrong advice from divorce lawyer in Oakville also. This does not mean that divorce attorneys are no good. It can happen when a person doesn’t choose a divorce attorney without proper research.  Now, take a look at some dangerous advices that one gets to hear while planning for divorce. They are:

The normal visitation for non-custodial parent is only one evening per week or on alternate weekends. There is no such law that states that. It’s the court, who decides the visitation timing depending on what would be best for the children.

A divorce lawyer in Oakville won’t state that fighting couples should stay for the sake of kids. Seeing parents’ fighting can affect the mind and heart of the little one. Here a divorce lawyer can provide an alternate option but won’t dictate any statement.

You can fight divorce case on your own. However, it’s not right. If you don’t hire a divorce lawyer, you can make mistake.  Having a divorce lawyer in Oakville by your side can help one to navigate through the process and protect their right.

These kinds of dangerous advices should be avoided at all costs. Only then a divorce can happen smoothly.

Immigration Lawyer Toronto Discusses Immigration Obstacles

Every year, Canada sees a huge influx of immigrants. The main reason for immigrating to Canada is because of numerous opportunities like growth opportunities, better living condition, and so on.

However, the process of immigrating to Canada is not as smooth as one may think of. Every year thousands of applications either get rejected. It mainly occurs due to the fact that the applications were not correctly filled or it was not supported with enough documents.

In order to ensure that an immigration application is not rejected, it is crucial to take the help of an expert immigration lawyer Toronto. Although, IRCC states that there is no need of consulting an immigration attorney for filling an immigration form. But if one wants to reduce their chance of application rejection, taking the guidance of an immigration lawyer is helpful.

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Why Immigration Lawyers?

Due to the huge influx of the immigrants, the Canadian government constantly changes the immigration laws. For a commoner, it might not be always possible to remain updated about it. However, an immigration lawyer, keep themselves about the changing immigration laws and procedures. Thereby, they can easily help their clients by educating them with the changed laws while filling the immigration application.

Thus, when an immigration application is free from any errors and supported by proper documents, the immigration application gets accepted by the concerned immigration office. Thereby, the lawyers can help immigrants to smoothly settle in a new country.

Other Way in Which a lawyer Helps

Many immigrants, who plan to immigrate to Canada, often get surprised when they are not allowed to enter Canada on some grounds. An immigration lawyer Toronto can discuss with clients about some of the most common obstacles that might be faced by the immigrants.toronto immigration

Criminal Inadmissibility

One common obstacle when an immigrant might be denied entry is on the grounds of a criminal record. If a person has a criminal record, Canadian immigration attorney can refuse an application or refuse the entry.

Basically, an immigration lawyer Toronto can help immigrants to understand the situations when they might be considered to be clinically inadmissible. They are:

  • Criminal record of reckless driving.
  • DUI Record
  • Drug Offenses
  • Case of Assault
  • Fraud Case

Claim for Refugee Status

Another important problem that is faced by the immigrants in Canada is the claim for the refugee status. The IRCC office hesitates to provide an immigration status. Immigration lawyers can help clients need to prove that their client is facing a lot of hardship in their home country. By getting the refugee status in the new country, the client can easily make ends meet. So if the client is not able to get their refugee status, the client would need to appeal against the order in the court and get their status.


Many immigrants after settling in Canada may fail to gain permanent residency. This kind of obstacle can be easily overcome with the help of an immigration lawyer.

Immigration to Canada is a complicated process. If any immigrants are facing any kind of these problems, it would be best to take the help of an immigration lawyer Toronto immediately. After that immigrants can enjoy their stay in Canada. Looking to be an immigration lawyer? Read this job description of immigration lawyer here.

Benefits of Toronto DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged of a DUI offense in Toronto or in any part of Canada, it can be a frightening experience. This is because being charged with a DUI offense comes with serious penalties like heavy fine, jail term, and even suspension of driver’s license.  In fact, a DUI charge can even affect the future of a person. Hence, the best way out is to work with an experienced Toronto DUI lawyer.

Although a person has the constitutional right to opt for self-representation, it is not advisable. Especially, when you don’t have any idea about the legal proceedings, it is better to get professional help. Basically, the main aim of any professional DUI lawyer is to provide a strong legal representation for the client and build a string defense for the client. In fact, they will try to prove in court that their client is innocent of the offenses with which they have been charged.

Toronto DUI lawyer

Check out the Benefits

So when you are charged with a DUI case, choosing an expert DUI lawyer can prove to be very advantageous. Take a look at the benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer. An experienced lawyer will ensure that his client wins the case.

Legal Expertise

An experienced DUI lawyer is familiar with the DUI laws. Hence, they will be able to frame a case based on the local laws. They can guide clients all throughout the legal proceedings.

Local Knowledge

Toronto DUI lawyer have a good knowledge about the local law. They have a good understanding with attorneys, enforcement officials, and court judges. Hence, they can easily work with them in rendering justice. For example, if the investigating officer has a history of misconduct, a DUI attorney can know about it and change the entire case.

Reach Deal Plea

One important quality of a DUI lawyer is to help clients reach a plea deal. They can negotiate with judge and prosecutor to reduce the fee or jail term of the victim of a DUI offense.

Researching the Case

A DUI lawyer can investigate and research a case on behalf of the client. They can do this in order to find any loopholes and thereby helping to drop the case entirely. In fact, a skilled DUI lawyer will treat each case diligently. They will devote all their time in investigating and come up with a strong defense.

Discuss Options

Any good Toronto DUI lawyer can tell clients about the local options available apart from going for trial or opting for a plea bargain. For example, the lawyer can arrange for a DUI diversion program. Entering the program can help clients to get their sentence reduced or even pardoned.

Revoke Driving License

A DUI offense can lead to the suspension of driver’s license. However, when a person hires a DUI attorney, it can help a person to get back their license.

Review Documents

The most important benefit of hiring a reputable Toronto DUI lawyer is that you will have a professional who will review all the documents based on the circumstances which lead to the arrest.

When charged with DUI, it can be very threatening for a person. Having right technical knowledge, a DUI lawyer can help clients to win a case.